العناية بالعيون


Ti-Cities eye care patients can expect to receive exquisite care tailored to their individual needs. While we offer services for vision – eye exams for glasses/contact lenses, special emphasis is placed in treatment of common diseases that affect the eye including diabetes, glaucoma, and cataracts. By getting an eye exam at Tri-Cities Community Health, our patients are also more likely to receive a comprehensive medical evaluation, as the eye center will refer to our medical providers. Additionally, our medical providers will refer patients to the eye center when there is a need. This way, conditions such as diabetes and glaucoma, have a better chance of being cared for, detected early or even avoided.

In addition to optometry, we offer optical services. Our optical center features walls of colorful, stylish frames, ranging from a few higher end name brands to more affordable choices. There are glass frames to suit everyone’s personality, insurance plan and pocketbook. We also offer contact lenses.

Our optometrist Amanda Lang, DO graduated from “The” Ohio State University College of Optometry with dual degrees: a Doctor of Optometry and a Master of Physiological Optics. She also completed her residency in hospital-based optometry and rehabilitation services at Chillicothe Veterans Administration Medical Center. She is also a graduate of Hillsdale College.

Tri-Cities eye care services include state of the art eye examination, diagnosis, treatment and management of a wide range of eye diseases and pathologies, including:

  • مرضى السكري
  • الزرق
  • الضمور البقعي
  • إدارة صدمة العين
  • الإدارة المشتركة لجراحة الساد
  • إدارة جراحة العين قبل / بعد الجراحة بالليزر
  • BioTissue العناية بالجروح القرنية
  • امتحانات العين لجميع الأعمار
  • امتحانات العين الطبية
  • امتحانات النظارات والعدسات اللاصقة
أماندا- لانج- تك- تريسيتيز
أماندا لانغ ، OD MS

Tri-CIties Eye Care

موقع العناية بالعين

515 W. شارع المحكمة ، باسكو ، WA 99301
8 صباحًا - 5 مساءً
الإثنين، الجمعة