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Maternity Support Services (MSS)

The First Steps Program provides Maternity Support Services (MSS), Infant Case Management (ICM), Childbirth Education (CBE) and many other services. 

For women eligible for Medicaid, services are available during pregnancy and for two months after your pregnancy ends. All care, including prenatal, delivery, post-pregnancy follow ups, dental care, vision care and one full year of medical care for your child are included. Transportation to and from medical appointments and interpreter services are also available.

Maternity Support Services (MSS) are provided, at no charge, to low-income pregnant and postpartum moms who qualify for Medicaid. MSS includes an assessment, education and in some cases intervention and counseling. Public health nurses, dietitians, social workers and community workers offer these services just for moms and their infants.

Services can begin any time during the prenatal, delivery or post-partum periods. The goal is to get you into the program as early in your pregnancy as possible.

For more information call (509) 543-1980.


Sometimes there are family situations that place infants at higher risk of having problems. Infant Case Management begins when your baby is about 3 months old. Case management help you access needed medical, social, educational and other resources in our community so your baby and family can thrive. Infant case management may start at any time during your child’s first year. It ends when your baby turns one year old.

For more information call (509) 543-1980.


Attend group childbirth education classes with a helper for free. Childbirth education classes begin during the third trimester and the topics include:

  • How to have a healthy pregnancy
  • Warning signs in pregnancy and what to do
  • Nutrition
  • Breastfeeding
  • What to expect during labor and delivery: how to manage pain and a hospital tour
  • Newborn care and changes to expect at home after the baby is born
  • Safe sleeping positions, car seat safety, care and outreach programs