The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Alliance for Hispanic Health chose eight cities across the nation to participate in offering the National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). Pasco, Washington was one of the designated cities, largely due to the increasing prevalence of diabetes in the predominantly Hispanic community, as well as the lack of Spanish-language disease prevention programs.


我們的糖尿病教育者和生活方式教練會在教堂,健康展覽會,果園,PTA會議,農貿市場,遊行,節日和跳蚤市場以及我們的所有八個健康中心中招募參與者。  Each applicant must commit to participate for one year. Outreach efforts have resulted in the enrollment of 300 participants over the past two years. The program has gained so much popularity that our retention rate is above average compared with other cities, resulting in a long waiting list. We attribute much of the success not only to our enthusiastic team of lifestyle coaches and diabetes educators but also due to the collaboration and support from our providers and the community. Local markets and grocery stores sponsor our cooking classes. TCCH and community partners worked together to create an on-site gym, available to our participants at no charge.  在該計劃的第一部分中,參與者將學習如何健康飲食,而不會放棄自己喜歡的所有食物,增加體育鍛煉的生活方式,控制壓力和焦慮,面對可能使新的生活方式失敗的挑戰(例如外出就餐),以及如何在上下波動期間收回控制權。該計劃的第二部分加強了他們學到的技能,使他們能夠沿著更健康的道路繼續前進。參與者在教室裡學習如何閱讀食物標籤以及飽和脂肪,鹽或鈉,膽固醇和糖對飲食的影響。他們還嘗試使用蒸粗麥粉,藜麥和豆腐等新成分來擴大味蕾,同時決定限制飲用蘇打水,而改為用水。為了支持健康的生活方式,我們聚在一起遠足當地的高峰Badger Mountain,穿越三城市步道系統,逛雜貨店甚至一起做飯。有了新發現的信息和改善他們健康的工具,我們的參與者現在正在預約健康檢查和實驗室檢查,以檢測和預防糖尿病。

The results have been staggering. Graduates of our first-year class lost a total of 900 pounds with total weight loss from participants to date now at 1805 pounds and an average of 134 minutes of exercise per week. 


瑪利亞 在5個月內減輕了40磅。上週,她很高興找到低碳水化合物,高纖維的玉米餅,並與小組分享了這一信息。

耶穌 在該計劃的第一年就減輕了70磅。他是一家七口中唯一沒有糖尿病的人。他的媽媽和姐姐都因這種病去世了。現在,他來到體育館,監控自己的身體活動,並把沙拉或水果用於聚會和燒烤,而不是汽水,紙杯蛋糕和薯條。

尼古拉斯 凌晨3點醒來,在蘆筍農場工作。他是在下午2點完成的,到下午4點,他已經在我們班上用橢圓運動機完成45分鐘的鍛煉。他的體重減輕了17磅,過去十年來血壓從未降低。

紅潤 一年內減掉了72磅。  在開始我們的計劃之前,她正試圖省錢去墨西哥進行減肥手術。她不再喝蘇打水,每天走路一個小時,只吃很少的一部分。 Rosy感到美麗和自信。在成為農場工人5年後,她決定申請一份全職的全年工作。


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加比·阿拉科(Gaby Araico) is a Registered Dietitian and currently works as a Clinical dietitian, Diabetes educator, and Lifestyle Diabetes coach at Tri-Cities Community Health and as a Family Services Registered Dietitian at Columbia Basin Health Association in Mattawa and Othello. She graduated from Seattle Pacific University and has a Master of Nutrition and Food Science from Leon University in Spain. Passionate about helping others, she is a believer that education and prevention is the key to being healthy. With more than 10 years of teaching experience, Gaby serves as coordinator of the Diabetes Prevention Program sponsored by the CDC and the National Hispanic Alliance for Health with TCCH. She also volunteers with Prevent Homeless Pets and Pronto Puppy Rescue.